Seven years ago I was bit by the brick and mortar bug. My friend Meredith and I had an idea for a shop that we felt would stand out and that would add value to our neighborhood. So we got serious and wrote a business plan. What emerged was a lingerie boutique that made shopping for underthings a not-terrible thing to do. So many of our friends had awful, even traumatic experiences when shopping for bras and we wanted to make the process easy and empowering.  

In 2010, we opened what is now our pride and joy, Forty Winks.  

Every brick and mortar business has a backstory similar to ours.  So every other week, I'll be going behind the scenes with the owners of boutiques, salons, breweries, art galleries, yoga studios and cafes about what goes into making their business successful and well-loved by their customers and clients.  

I hope that Keeping Shop provides inspiration and camaraderie to established and aspiring brick and mortar business owners (we're in this together!). Additionally, I hope it serves to show a greater community of listeners how hard small business owners work, how creative we are and just how much we contribute to the strength of a local economy.