Nearly 10 years ago I was bit by the brick and mortar bug. My friend Meredith and I had an idea for a shop that we felt would stand out and that would add value to our neighborhood. So we got serious and wrote a business plan. What emerged was a lingerie boutique that made shopping for underthings a not-terrible thing to do. In 2010, we opened what is now our pride and joy, Forty Winks.  We’ve built a community based business that survived sexism, high rents, a recession, and lots of naysayers. Our business isn’t making us millions (yet) but it works for US and our families. It’s a lifestyle and it’s a good one.

But it’s not always easy. My hope is that the Keeping Shop community acts as a support system for all us running brick and mortar businesses so that we feel less alone and more confident. Thanks for being here with me.  

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