It’s all happening…again

Last November a group of shop owners gathered in Upstate New York for a weekend based around talking shop. What ended up happening was so much more than casual shop talk. People let down their guards and got real with each other. We brainstormed, we shared, we laughed, we cried. We ate delicious food and slept as long as we wanted. Over cups of coffee or glasses of wine, we talked all about our businesses and then promptly forgot about them for a few hours.

Now’s your chance to be a part of this.

The house has been rented. The menu is being planned. And the spots are going fast. Give yourself the gift of time and space and join us at The Keeping Shop Retreat.

At this retreat, you’ll be surrounded by people that get it, that get you. We’ll gather around delicious food or a roaring fire for fellowship you’ll have a cozy bed, healthy meals and mandatory free time to lounge by the fire, read a book, journal, or to tackle a project you’ve been putting off. There are also some workshops being planned including how to organize your business digitally, how to get clear on your goals for 2020 and how to start actually feeling good about making money.

The cost of the weekend is $750

What this includes:
A cozy bed.
Delicious, healthy meals all weekend (including coffee, tea and little bit of wine).
Structured workshopping:
* Organizing your business digitally
* Improving your money mindset
* Goal setting for 2020
Unstructured workshopping with your co-guests to build your business.
A rest centered weekend in a cozy, creatively inspiring space.

The Keeping Shop Retreat was an amazing getaway with awesome brick and mortar business-owning kindred spirits. We had engaging conversations where we talked shop (literally!) from the minute we got there until the minute we reluctantly parted. A truly engaging and inspiring weekend!” —Erica Feldmann, HausWitch

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"The Keeping Shop Retreat was exactly what I needed. Though I was participating in part as a facilitator, I walked away having gained so much insight, knowledge and inspiration from being away with a group of truly inspiring, open-hearted women. The structured conversations we had, the evenings up late talking shop, the opportunity to ask questions and leave space for different perspectives is unmatched in any other workshop or retreat I've attended. I left the weekend feeling completely refreshed." —Janine Stafford, Spring Tide

”Imagine a dinner party with the IG friends you haven’t met yet that lasts until 3am, turns into a slumber party, and morphs into the boss babe weekend getaway of your dreams. Add in an art-filled rural vacation home in the woods, a shopping trip to the super vibrant, retail-dense downtown Hudson, NY, and copious cups of coffee. All while being surrounded by stunning scenery and beautiful souls. The Keeping Shop retreat left me with a FULL bucket. I went home with new friends, a wealth of shared knowledge, and feeling so very engaged and inspired.” Michelle Barrett, Kind Goods