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Episode 10: Lana Barakat of December Thieves

Episode 10: Lana Barakat of December Thieves

It's my 10th episode!!! I'm excited to mark this little milestone with a wonderful chat with Boston shop owner Lana Barakat. Lana is the owner of December Thieves a truly beautiful and unique shop, with soon-to-be two locations on Charles St. in Boston's historic Beacon Hill neighborhood. 

December Thieves is full of pieces sourced from designers and makers that Lana really loves and that resonate deeply with her.  As she says, the pieces in your shop or space are representations of YOU as the owner and when you walk into DT you know that Lana has chosen with intention and love. 

Lana is sort of life goals for me.  She's traveled a ton, she's owned other businesses, and she seems to really honor balance in her life. She has two school aged children and her thoughts on balancing motherhood and career really resonated with me. Lana talks about being an example for her children as a business owner and why it's important for them to see her succeeding at her career. I love that instead of focusing on the difficulties of being your own boss and raising a family, Lana focuses on how important it is for her son and especially for her daughter to see her as both mom and businessperson.  Lana also talks about knowing when it's time to close a store, surrounding yourself with talented people to grow your business, and stocking pieces that create conversation in your space. 

Like I said, I pretty much want to be Lana when I grow up. She's kind, smart and so very creative. I'm excited to bring you this episode and I hope you enjoy. 

Find December Thieves at 88 Charles St. Boston, MA 02144
Facebook: @decemberthieves
Instagram: @decembertheives

I'm really proud and excited to have made it to the ripe old age of 10 weeks of podcasting. Thank you all for listening and don't forget to share, rate, review the pod. You early adopters are the best. THANK YOU!

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