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Episode 13/14: Shanel Anderson of Soul City Yoga-Parts 1 and 2

Episode 13/14: Shanel Anderson of Soul City Yoga-Parts 1 and 2

Episode 13: Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe 

It's my lucky number 13 episode! Today I'm speaking with Shanel Anderson of Soul City Yoga in Lynn, Massachusetts.  I got Shanel's name from Erica Feldmann of Hauswitch (check out Episode 5) and immediately reached out for an interview. Shanel graciously accepted and soon we found ourselves in a 90 minute Skype interview.  There's a whole lot of advice and empathy and laughter in these 90 mins and since I didn't want to cut anything out, I'm making this interview a two-parter.  

Shanel and I get started by chatting about her long path to the yoga life and what led to starting her business. We hit some of really important stuff right off, opening in a neighborhood with a "reputation," being a person of color in the yoga world and the gender bias that we both experienced when opening our spaces. I so appreciated Shanel's willingness to, I guess...go there with me on certain issues.  On the more spiritual side, we dive into the beautiful practice of opening yourself up to the Universe and it's plans for you.  As business owners, this isn't always easy when we're dealing with our egos and fears, but as evidenced in Shanel's story, it can pay off big-time. It led her to the perfect studio space, a like minded staff of teachers and just a general sense that she is going in the right direction with her business. 

We chat about the reality of business burnout, hiring the best people (again, follow the Universe!), and the power that your mind has on your luck or your destiny.  Shanel also talks about why she believes in mentorship and gives thoughts on how we can better support the women in our lives.  I loved speaking with Shanel; she's warm, funny and so easy to talk to as evidenced by our wonderfully long conversation. Enjoy the show! 

Episode 14: Starting Where You Are 

Today's episode is Part 2 of my amazing interview with Shanel Anderson of Soul City Yoga. In it Shanel gets real about the nitty-gritty reality of making a living as a yoga teacher, chats about turning your passion into a business and gives us business owners some yoga poses that'll ground us even during our crazy days. 

"If you love it, come back. If you hate it, definitely come back"

Shanel tells us about Buti Yoga and how she came to this practice when searching for a yoga style that would bring more movement into her practice. In sanskrit Buti literally means "a cure that is hidden" which seems so fitting because it's a deeply personal, chakra based practice that allows people to connect with themselves on a more primal level through specific movements and music. Shanel has my interest all piqued and I'm planning a trip to Lynn for a class sometime in March (who wants to come with?!)

Shanel shares her goals for her business in 2017 and her hopes around bringing yoga to more people of color. Shanel addresses the fact that people of color are majorly underrepresented in the yoga community and shared her thoughts on how to change this. As I say a million times at the end, I loved my chat with Shanel and I'm happy to bring it to you today. Enjoy!

Soul City Yoga is located at 271 Western Ave. Suite 212 Lynn, MA 01904
Class Schedule

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