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Episode 11: Valerie Sarron of      VS Photography

Episode 11: Valerie Sarron of VS Photography

Today I'm speaking with Valerie Sarron, boudoir photographer and the owner of VS Photography, a recently opened brick and mortar studio space. Valerie and Forty Winks collaborated and after working with her, I knew wanted to reach out to her for the podcast. Not only is Val well spoken (always a plus when choosing podcast guests) but I knew that listeners would find value in her measured and consistent approach to moving her business forward. 

Valerie and I talk about using different social platforms in ways that make sense for your business, why investing in continuing education can be more important that your equipment, her best tips for successful collaborations and why you should never let fear hold you back from trying something. She gives insight into her goals for 2017 and shares some really solid advice on avoiding the comparison traps we can all fall into.  

Valerie is building her business as a self-taught photographer.  Teaching yourself anything takes major dedication and building an actual business from what you are learning requires determination and grit; because, in reality you're the only one that's holding yourself accountable. I admire Valerie's constant movement towards personal development and her willingness to put herself into sometimes uncomfortable situations when she knows they'll take her business to the next level. This is a valuable episode for any brick and mortar business owner, but especially for those among us that are just starting out and might be looking for some tangible steps to take as they start their journey. 

VS Photography is located at 316 East 2nd St. Studio 107, Boston, MA
Facebook: @VSPhotograph
Instagram: @vsphotography_insta

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