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Episode 12: Claire Cheney of Curio Spice Co.

Episode 12: Claire Cheney of Curio Spice Co.

This week's episode is with Claire Cheney, owner and master spice blender at Curio Spice Co. in Cambridge, Ma.  Claire's shop recently opened in my new(ish) neighborhood and when I went in to check it out, I knew it was a perfect space for Keeping Shop. I somewhat awkwardly approached her (ummm do you want to be my podcast friend?) and was thrilled when she agreed to speak with me on the show.

Claire has such an interesting path to brick and mortar business ownership. Whilst working at a local coffee shop, she learned that she had a talent for picking out and separating the individual scent and taste components in coffees.  Then she fell in love with saffron and traveled to Greece to find, and eventually to work at, a fabled saffron village. After more travel and more spice experiments, Claire started blending in a shared kitchen and marketing her blends to local businesses. Late last year, Claire opened her own brick and mortar storefront; a gorgeous retail space in the front with ample blending space in the back. 

Claire and I chat about registering her business as a benefit corporation, growing her space in an up-and-coming area and why waiting for "the one" when hiring a contractor is the way to go. She shares her favorite spice with us as well as a way to use it that's amateur-cook friendly. Claire offers her best business advice (hint: you can't be the best at everything) and shares her plans for growing Curio in 2017. 

I loved learning about Claire and her journey to opening her brick and mortar. Check out more info about Curio and follow Claire's beautiful insta account via the links below. There's more info about benefit corporations there too. Enjoy the show and thank you so very for listening. 

Curio Spice Co. is located at 2265 Mass Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02140
Instagram: @curiospice
Facebook: @curiospice

Benefit Corp Info: 

If anyone has any questions about brick and mortar business ownership, feel free to reach out to me. It's my hope that Keeping Shop is being used as a resource for small business owners and I'd love to help in any way that I can. Email or contact via Facebook (@keepingshoppodcast) or Instagram (@lovekeepingshop). 

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